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Falconry Facts

The Falconry Facts project was developed to offer bite-size information that can be shared widely and freely across social media, in order to engage the general public with the positive impact falconry has on our world.

Feel free to download and share these images.

Falconers in the UK only fly captive bred birds of prey. By being able to work closely with these birds, it allows us to understand their wild counterparts in much greater detail.

Free flying and hunting with birds of prey helps us to understand natural hunting styles, diets, nesting, breeding and territorial behaviours of wild raptors. Falconers are able to read a bird's body language and behaviour, which can be complex to understand at first.

This can then be applied to conservation and rehabilitation efforts, as falconers can use falconry training and fitness techniques to prepare wild birds successfully for re-release with minimum stress and proper husbandry.

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